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I thought about my special connection to September 11 as I stood waiting at 7:25 am on that day for the number 2 train to arrive at the 34th Street Station in New York to take me to downtown Manhattan. It would be some 81 minutes before American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into 2 World Trade Center. The connection amongst The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself became evident to me that day. This and another key relationship gnawed on my mind for years.

It wasn’t until the middle of 2008 as I was proof reading my first draft of The World Trade Center Stories that I began to discover even more relationships and eventually saw a pattern to them. I didn’t want this to interfere with my story about my long term relationship, but then I saw an episode of the popular TV show, the X-Files on Friday, June 6 at 2 am and decided to include them in the soon to be print version of my book.

After publication of the print edition, a few years passed by while I continued to think about these relationships and indeed discovered a few more. It was then I discovered what I would eventually call the holy grail relationship. A relationship amongst The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself which was so mystical that it will leave you bewildered. It was the piece of data that made me realize that I had a proof for the existence of God. I knew I missed the boat and that I needed to create a new edition of my book.

It would take another 5 or 6 years to do so as I was focused on another project. Lucky me, as in that time the iPad and book authoring software came into existence and I could create the new edition in a format that was considerably cheaper for me to produce. With the 15th Anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, I sat down to complete the task in late July/early August of 2016. The eBook made it to the iTunes book store on August 30, 2016.

I quickly secured and created the website to get the book noticed and had it up and running on the date of publication. It wasn’t until Saturday morning on September 3, 2016 when I awoke from my night’s slumber that I had realized that these relationships were really distilled from the language of God and that I could call them The God Code. I rushed to see if was available and unfortunately this time I was not lucky. But I didn’t stop there and quickly found that I could use This made a lot of sense to me, as even though I had discovered The God Proof, I had used God’s Code to discern the relationships. I was happy indeed.

While doing this search, I also saw that The God Code was already the name of a book by Gregg Braden, published in 2004, and that he had discerned that The God Code supported the existence of God via science involving the basic elements which make up our DNA, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. A critical review can also be found on the internet which poo-poos his ideas, but I found them interesting. The critical review makes a gigantic error, in my opinion, by stating not only that Mr. Braden is using numerological tricks and but also should round the atomic mass of oxygen, 15.9994 amu, to 16 amu, which would discredit his analysis. The review is wrong, in my opinion, on these two counts. These are not numerological tricks. They are very well known and accepted transformations. The reviewer cannot make up a different set of rules or ignore the existing ones and then imply that Mr. Braden’s methodology is faulty. Furthermore and even more serious, any suggestion that science people would round this atomic mass to 16 amu is completely bogus and would be equivalent to cooking the books, err, I mean the numbers. Context is everything here. God does not round; he can only truncate! Otherwise, you would be creating phony numbers.

I do appreciate that it was truly remarkable that Gregg Braden was thinking along the same lines that I discovered later. We are basically using perhaps the same God’s code. I have attempted to list the rules of The God’s Code in my eBook. I don’t know whether Mr. Braden has also done so in his book. In any case, I think there is much work to be done to discern the definitive set of rules, or if that would even be possible. Whether Gregg Braden’s proof has any merit I cannot determine because I am not schooled enough in the topic of Biology, or the Hebrew language for that matter, to understand the rest of his logic. At the least, his approach to the topic was ground breaking. My proof is not linked to science, which makes it easier to understand. It is based purely on a well known and accepted math principle. No complicated onto required and it is explained in plain and simple language. Enjoy the brown candies!